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Contact Maira Montaj

Str. Stirbei Voda nr. 166, Sector 1, Bucharest
Phone: 021-4137690, 037-4006116
Fax: 021-4139159, 021-6372123
E-mail: office@maira.ro

CUI: RO6661834
Nr. Inreg: J40/3784/1997
Cap Soc: 45.000 Lei

About Maira

Maira Montaj Company was founded in 1994 and has an experience for over 15 years in construction and mounting, repairs and service for electrical networks and electrical power stations 0,4- 400 kV.

Maira is certified by Electrica for design, construction, mounting, repairs and service for electrical power stations and branches, primary circuits, secondary circuits and automation for electric stations and electric sub-stations.

Maira provids service for equipments and machinery powered by electricity and have trained personnel available for service and repairs 24 hours a day!

Maira has among its most important clients companies such as:

Quadrant Amroq Beverages S.R.L. (design, construction, mounting of electrical power supply), Portland Romania S.R.L. (design, construction, mounting of electrical power station 110/20 kV), Electrica S.A., Orange Romania (mobile phone networks), Vodafone (mobile phone networks), Gealan Romania (design, construction, mounting, repairs and service of electrical power supply and trapho), Binar Impex (design, construction, mounting, repairs and service of electrical power supply for warehouses), Canserv (design, construction, mounting of electrical power supply for "Primavara" plant - Ghencea ), AMC Prodex ( construction, mounting of electrical power supply for "Tunari" karting track), Arpom (deviation of electrical networks for bridge constructions), CN Romarm (electrical power supply), Army Arsenal (electrical power supply), Pagini Aurii (electrical power supply), Banc Post - Alexandria (electrical power supply), Banca Agricola (electrical power supply), Interagro (electrical power supply), SNP Petrom (electrical power supply), Michelin Romania (rehabilitation of the system of power supply), Oprea Edil Construct, RTC Group (electrical power supply).

Since 2002, Maira started a new activity of producing a variety of composite electrical insulators for 24kV, for electrical networks 20kV, tension and post insulators.

Raw materials used for Maira insulators are imported from prestigious companies abroad from Germany, Great Britain, USA and Japan, companies with great experience in this field, chosen by us after careful consideration and evaluation.

These materials have superior mechanical and electrical performance and covers the entire range of requirements related to the characteristics of isolation (electrical stress), mechanical resistance and environment. The contracts of delivery we have with them offer us the possibility to make certain future development realistic plans.

All silicone rubber and glass rod are delivered with quality certificates, including the galvanization thickness. After crimping the fiber rods inside the metal end fittings each piece is tested and carefully checked before injection.

Our products are approved by national companies in electricity distribution.

Maira has sold over 250.000 insulators so far and they are all in good shape and functioning as required in the field.

Maira has inregistrated its trademark at O.S.I.M.- The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. Our production of electrical insulators increases from year to year, as the marketing department develops and our products become more known on the market for quality and excellent price.

The equipments used at insulators manufacturing are silicone rubber injection-art imported from Germany and Austria, able to withstand the highest current technical requirements.

All the qualities and characteristics presented above make the Maira insulators the best choice possible.